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Who is laurdiy dating 2020

New Boyfriend! Boys LaurDIY Has Dated 2019

Who Is LaurDIY's New Boyfriend? YouTube Star Announces 'Yes, I'm Dating Someone' Less than six months after posting the "we broke up" video on YouTube, LaurDIY–born. Lauren Riihimaki's Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend, YouTube, Wiki-Bio laurdiy. I spent more than 7 mins on my makeup today and honestly not mad. Wassabian's who wanted to see Alex move on from his past relationship with LaurDIY, Alex and Caeli met via a dating app named Raya. Lauren Riihimaki, aka YouTube's LaurDIY, talks about building her She's now dating again but isn't revealing nearly as much about her new. Lauren Riihimaki also known as laurdiy is a youtube personality. She has been They have been dating for almost three years now and is the cutest couple ever!